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Everything You Need To Know About Rats In Fort Worth

If rats invade your Fort Worth property, you’re in for a long ride. These rodents are destructive and difficult to remove, which puts them amongst the least desirable of all desirable pests. But how much do you know about rats? Learn the facts, and you may be able to protect your home or business.

Which Rats Invade Fort Worth Properties?

There are two types of rats in Fort Worth that you might encounter on your property. First, there’s the all too common Norway rat. For centuries, this rat has been harassing humans. It has a stout body and is notorious for being one of the largest local rodents.

Secondly, there’s the roof rat. Less stocky than the Norway rat, this rodent is an agile climber. It often ends up on roofs and in attics, as it likes to travel in the trees. It’s not quite as large as the Norway rat but can be just as dangerous.

Rats Are Dangerous To Humans

You probably don’t want any rodents hanging around your property because they aren’t very welcoming. However, that’s not the only reason you should try to keep rats away. Like the mice in Fort Worth, rats spread diseases. They hang out in dumpsters and sewers, picking up nasty diseases that they bring into your home.

While you don’t want to experience a bite from a rat, that’s not the only way in which they can make you sick. Their feces and urine spread diseases. Furthermore, their bodies contain proteins that could trigger your allergies. If you don’t want you or the individuals in your property to suffer, you need to keep rats out.

Rats Cause Property Damage

Whether inside a home or business, rats have the potential to cause significant damage, chewing on building materials, furniture, and just about any other object they can get their elongated teeth around.

At times, they may even chew through the wiring in your walls. At the very worst, rats can cause a fire hazard. But even at their best, rats will cost you in repairs. Their sharp teeth penetrate materials you may not even think possible to penetrate.

The Struggles Of Rats In Businesses

Homeowners have a lot to lose from a rat infestation, but business owners have even more at stake. If rats get into your food, you’ll need to replace all of them. For restaurants, this loss could be devastating.

There’s also the issue of your reputation. In today’s world of social media and online reviews, all it takes is a single rat sighting to destroy a business. All it takes is one bad review for you to lose credibility and customers.

Because there’s so much on the line, rat prevention is crucial. This isn’t something you should undertake on your own. Rather, you should work with a pest control professional.

Fort Worth Rat Prevention

On your own, there are a few things you can do to keep Fort Worth rats out. For one, you can clean regularly. Don’t leave food or crumbs out, or rats will always have food. Only store your food and garbage in containers with tight lids.

If your yard is appealing to rats, they’re more likely to come onto your property. To keep them away, maintain a clean yard. Don’t let junk or debris piles accumulate. Keep your grass cut short and your shrubs trim and neat. When there’s excess vegetation, rats have plenty of places to take shelter.

Call The Experts

If you’re ready to prevent or eliminate rats from your Fort Worth property, give us a call. Our team is ready to handle your commercial pest control needs. Don’t hesitate to contact the Delta 1 team, and you can save yourself from the trouble that comes with rats.

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