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Help! I Need To Keep Mice Out Of My Dallas/Fort Worth Business

What is something that you do to maintain your business? Do you have a cleaning crew come through daily to make sure things are disinfected and tidy? Do you have advertisement specialists in charge of marketing your goods and services? Are you actively putting in place defensive measures to prevent invasive pests like mice? If mice aren’t on your radar, they could get indoors and cause some serious problems. To help you keep these invasive pests out of your Dallas/Fort Worth business, here are some things to consider today.

What Makes Your Business Attractive To Mice?

Restaurants, and other businesses that process or sell food, have the most trouble with pests like mice. This is because there are few things mice love more than easy access to snacks. If you don’t own a business that directly serves or processes food, however, it does not mean that these invasive pests will not try to invade your building(s). Sometimes mice invade structures to escape inclement weather like rain, cold, heat, and tornados. If you have a breakroom where your employees store food, mice will gravitate towards this area in order to stay fed. They might also forage outdoors to gather snacks from plants, trash bins, and other available sources.

How Mice Invade Buildings

Mice are practically built to invade man-made structures. They are able to squeeze through gaps, holes, and cracks the size of a dime, jump up to 13 inches in the air, and climb vertical walls that provide them with a small amount of grip. When trying to get into businesses in our area, these pests will look for damaged walls, foundational blocks, screens, rooflines, doors, and windows.

The Problems Mice Cause

There are many ways mice cause problems for local business owners. The first is that they can spread diseases. If you work in the food industry, this problem is especially concerning as it only takes one contaminated box, bag, or plate of food to get you in serious trouble. The second serious problem mice cause in businesses is damage. These small rodents regularly chew on wires, boxes, wood, plastic, utility piping, and other items. Finally, mice are bad for your image. If one of your clients spots one of these furry creatures running around, it could mean serious litigations, negative reviews, and even worse, trouble with the health department.

The Reason Many Business Owners Opt Out Of Using DIY

One thing we recommend to homeowners in our area is that they use some DIY prevention strategies to protect their living areas from invasive rodents like mice. We do not recommend this strategy, however, for businesses. DIY is not the most effective strategy to keep mice out and when it comes to your business, you need guarantees, not bandaids. This is why we highly recommend partnering with a local rodent control specialist.

Why You Need Professional Help For Your Mouse Problems

In order to make sure mice and other harmful pests stay out of your Dallas/Fort Worth business, partner with the experts at Delta One Pest Management. We will work with you to develop a rodent control plan that is most effective for your building(s). To make sure your property stays rodent-free, year-round, we will monitor pest pressures, perform regular check-ups, and address potential issues that might allow rodents to get inside.

Call us now to start a conversation with one of our qualified service representatives and schedule a time to have your Dallas/Fort Worth business thoroughly inspected for invasive and harmful pests.

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