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How Rodent Control Can Benefit Your Fort Worth Business

There are many reasons to not want rodents crawling around inside your Fort Worth business. These furry pests are not just annoying, they are dangerous and destructive as well. Even more than this they are a threat to your reputation. To help you better understand the problems rodents pose to area business owners and what it takes to keep them out of your building, here are some things you should know today.

Some Ways Rodents Destroy Property

The most common home-invading small rodent in Fort Worth is the house mouse. The most common big rodent is the Norway rat. Despite their difference in size, both of these invasive pests are destructive. One thing you should know about mice and rats is that they have sharp teeth that don’t stop growing. To file these teeth down, these pests chew on hard objects. Sometimes they nibble for fun on items like furniture legs and tree bark. Sometimes they put their teeth to good use and chew holes through walls and then boxes of food to get sustenance. Another way rodents damage property is by tearing things apart to build their nests. Three of their favorite things to use are newspaper, insulation, and fabrics.

What Threats Rodents Pose To Health

Rodents are not the cleanest creatures. In fact, they prefer to live in areas filled with trash, excrement, and other dirty things. From these areas, rodents pick up dangerous disease-causing organisms. If these furry pests are inside your Fort Worth business, they might spread sickness vectors through their fecal matter and urine. If these by-products get into the food you are serving or in areas your guests are in, your guests could get very sick.

Another way rodents get people sick is by carrying parasitic pests like fleas and ticks indoors. These small blood-feeding bugs bite humans and are known for spreading diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and murine typhus. If you look up these sicknesses, you will find out why you don’t want these pests inside your business!

The Reasons Rodents Invade Businesses

There are only three things rodents need to survive and thrive indoors: food, water, and shelter. If you serve food or have a break room where your employees store food, rodents will have a way to stay fed. If you have sinks or any areas with moisture, rodents will have a way to get a drink. Finally, if your building has wall voids, storage areas, and other secluded locations, rodents will have places to hide. As long as these three things are available, these furry pests will want to be indoors.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional To Handle Your Rodent Problems

Having rodents inside your business is not just dangerous and annoying, it also poses a serious threat to your reputation. It only takes one incident, one scared client, and one bad review to have your business marked as unclean, unsafe, and uninviting. We do not want this for you. In order to protect your business building from invasive rodents, your best option is to hire the experts at Delta One Pest Management. Our team understands area pests and has the experience and advanced treatments and equipment needed to properly defend and service your Fort Worth business. All you have to do is get on the line with one of our friendly service representatives. They will walk you through our comprehensive commercial pest control options and help you find a plan that fits your individual needs. If you are in need of immediate rodent control for an existing problem, we also offer quick and effective emergency services.

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