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How To Avoid Flea Infestations In Your Fort Worth Business Space

How To Avoid Flea Infestations In Your Fort Worth Business Space

There are many upsides to living and operating a business in Fort Worth, including plenty of sunshine, a vibrant downtown area, and a historic Texan identity. However, an unfortunate downside many Fort Worth business owners face is frequent run-ins with a variety of invasive pests. One persistent pest that commonly causes problems here is fleas. While most people may think of fleas as something that affects their pets, fleas can cause problems for humans. The primary danger they bring is the spread of disease, which can become a serious issue if an infestation is left untreated. 

The Lifecycle Of Fleas

There are four stages in the flea life cycle: they begin as an egg, emerge as larvae, enter the cocoon stage, and exit from the cocoon as an adult. Adult female fleas require a blood meal to reproduce and lay eggs, and a single female flea can lay up to forty flea eggs in a day. The life cycle can take anywhere from a few weeks to months, and in rare cases, a flea can remain in the cocoon stage for years if conditions are not suitable to emerge. Fleas prefer warmer temperatures and high humidity.

The Diseases Fleas Can Transmit

Although fleas can bite humans, the main threat is the spread of dangerous diseases. Fleas can transmit disease both through flea bites and through flea droppings, which can contaminate food or find other ways into people’s bodies.

Some of the diseases that fleas can spread include:

  • Typhus
  • Cat scratch disease
  • Plague

Fleas can also spread parasites such as tapeworms if people accidentally swallow them. Due to the serious risks these pests pose for both employees and patrons in Fort Worth commercial spaces, it is vital to take any signs of flea activity seriously and act immediately. Feel free to reach out to the commercial pest control experts at Delta One Pest Management for guidance on keeping your property safe.

Natural Flea Prevention Tips for Forth Worth Businesses

Routinely practicing natural and practical flea prevention techniques on your commercial property is an effective way to reduce the chance that your business becomes infested with these dangerous pests. One way to keep fleas out is to regularly clean and sanitize your commercial space, make sure to vacuum thoroughly to get rid of any flea eggs. Another important step to take is to eliminate any other types of wildlife that hang around your business as they provide potential food sources for fleas.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Fleas In Your Business Space

While practicing flea prevention is an essential step in combating potential flea infestations on your business, it is still possible for your property to become infested. If you face an infestation, professional pest control and extermination services are required to get rid of these problematic pests. Delta One Pest Management is here to help your business get rid of fleas or any other pest control problem that your business may be facing. Delta One Pest Management is a local Fort Worth pest control company specializing in commercial pest extermination and prevention services. We have been servicing Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding areas for over 50 years by keeping businesses clean, safe, and pest-free. We feature an expertly trained and certified team of pest technicians experienced with all manner of pests that business owners face regularly. Contact us today if you have seen fleas in your business space. We will provide tailor-made services for your business and offer free inspections.

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