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How To Tell If Your Dallas Business Has A Termite Problem

Perception isn’t always reality. Dallas residents and businesses may think they don’t have any pests if they haven’t seen one, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are countless insects and creatures that are entirely too tiny to notice. Some you won’t catch because they’re only active when you’re sleeping. Others live and breed in places you don’t frequent or can inspect, such as a floor crack. Multitudes of critters intrude in a gradual way but reproduce very quickly. You may not know they’re around until the damage has been done. This is the case with termites.

Termites are sneaky, elusive, and expensive. While they are concealing themselves behind walls in the United States, they’re creating $5 billion in wreckage. This is the total every single year. Business owners won’t have the support of insurance companies, who view the incident as preventable. If you learn about infestation indicators now, you’ll know when to give Delta 1 Pest Control a ring.

Sign #1: Swarmer Wings & Termite Feces

There are three types of termites in a colony: workers, soldiers, and swarmers. The workers are the primary ones that generate the huge billion-dollar bill. At 0.12 of an inch long, they’re grayish-white or white. Soldiers are nearly the same length and yellow-brown. You’ll recognize them by their dominant jaws and rectangular heads. Swarmers are ½ of an inch long and come in yellow, black, or brown. They use their wings to leave nests in the spring, so they can mate and produce more colonies. These are the only termites you’re bound to see. They’ll come out of holes in foundations and head toward lights. You will find their fish scale-like wings about your property. You’ll also discover piles of termite frass, plainly known as feces. It will appear like salt and pepper.

Sign #2: Transforming Walls & Paint

Though termites concentrate on wood, their activities can affect walls and paint. Walls will have many small openings in them, as well as mud tubes and maze patterns. If you knock on one, you’ll hear a hollow sound. Drywall will begin to slump, lose proper color, and look water spoiled. As for the paint, it will unwrap and be lumpy. Here’s what you can do with wood directly to prevent termites:

  • If you have free wood, like logs and lumber, store it a few feet away
  • Never let loose wood touch or sit on soil
  • Remove injured or moldering wood or any damaged by water

Sign #3: Fixtures That Won’t Function Properly

Take heed if tiles are suddenly coming loose, or floorboards are weakening. If windows and doors are hard to open or shut, that’s worth noting too. Deterring tasks you can perform with fixtures are:

  • Put screens on exterior vents
  • Clean gutters and vents on a regular basis
  • Have repairs done on anything causing the wood to be damp, such as a leaky pipe
  • Seal cracks around utility lines and foundations

Sign #4: Hearing Strange Sounds

You’ll hear termites creeping along, as they make gentle clicking noises. This is the time to call the experts at Delta 1 Pest Control!

Delta 1 Pest Control Termite Extermination

Commercial products and “do it yourself” hacks will only fail you when it comes to termites. Retail items have been known to “cure” things artificially and temporarily. Independent methods can be hazardous to use, and it’s not worth it when it won’t work. Take the safe, dependable, and efficient route by contacting us at Delta 1 Pest Control. Our technicians are highly trained. They’ll be able to get to the origins of the problem and utilize stalwart treatments fashioned to eliminate termites. You can rest assured you won’t have a termite takeover again. Protect your interests and assets by calling us today at Delta 1 Pest Control!

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