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Signs That Termites Can Be Eating Away At Your Dallas, TX Business

When it comes to running a business, you’ve got enough to worry about. You want to keep your customers happy and your bottom line in the black. But an unnoticed termite infestation could spell disaster for your company. To save your facility from total destruction, you’ve got to know the signs that termites could be eating your Dallas business.

How Bad Are Termites?

The average termite can be as small as 1/8 inch in size. They aren’t venomous or known to spread disease, but these tiny pests excel at destroying property. Like ants, termites are social insects that live in massive colonies with thousands, even millions of other members. They adhere to a rigid social caste system, with different termites designated to perform specific tasks as workers, soldiers, reproductives, and so on. Termites come in a few varieties, but the most common type in the U.S. is the subterranean termite.

Every year, Americans spend an estimated five billion dollars to remedy their termite problems. When these pests infest your business, they can absolutely ravage the wooden structures, resulting in serious damage that can hinder your ability to do business. In the most extreme scenarios, total collapse of floors and walls can occur. But in more moderate cases, termites can warp structural wood, causing doors and windows to jam. They can also cause paint and wallpaper to blister and may create visible damage to wood flooring.

Why Are Termites Hard To Spot?

Pests like flies and ants don’t feel the need to conceal their presence. Termites are slightly more cautious than the average pest and perform most of their destructive work in secret. Since they eat homes and businesses from the inside out, they leave few signs of activity as they chew up walls and floors from within.

Being on the lookout for signs of termites is especially important. You can check for signs of activity yourself, but nothing beats the professional eye of a trained termite control technician. And yes, ongoing termite inspections are an expense, but the inspection cost is far cheaper than the cost of termite repairs.

Signs Of Termite Activity

Termites leave few signs of their presence, but they do leave some. If you know what to look for, you can put your termite problems to an end before severe damage is done. Signs of termite activity you should be aware of include:

  • Frass – This sawdust-like substance is expelled from termite galleries as they excavate their way through your business. A mixture of termite excrement and other debris, frass often appears in small piles around windowsill and floors.
  • Termite tubes – Subterranean termites construct hollow mud tubes to connect their underground colony to your business. These tubes are found at ground level, usually around foundations and basement areas.
  • Swarmers – Flying termites, or swarmers, are a sure sign of an advanced infestation nearby. Typically, the presence of swarmers indicates that you have an existing termite colony that has reached maturity. If you spot swarmers emerging indoors, there’s no questioning that you have an infestation.
  • Noticeable damage – Bubbling paint and wallpaper, maze-like patterns in floorboards, and hollow-sounding wood are all signs of termite activity.

If you’ve seen any of these signs of termite activity around your Dallas business, call the commercial pest control experts at Delta One Pest Control. We are the area’s only pest control service exclusively dedicated to solving the particular problems of pest-infested businesses. No matter what type of facility you run, we’ve got dependable commercial pest control solutions you can rely on. Contact us today to learn more.

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