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The Key To Keeping Oriental Cockroaches Out Of Your Dallas Business

Dallas, the third-largest city in Texas, is a great place to live and run a business for many reasons. Dallas has virtually year-round great weather, plenty of things to do, and is home to many great sports teams. However, one unfortunate drawback that business owners in Dallas face is an abundance of pest-related issues. Dallas pest control companies routinely deal with various pests, and one common insect that tends to frequent Dallas businesses, particularly, is Oriental cockroaches.

What Do Oriental Cockroaches Look Like?

Oriental cockroaches can often be frightening when spotted inside your property. Oriental cockroaches are one of the larger types of cockroaches, typically around one inch in length. These insects are usually shiny black or reddish-brown in color, oval-shaped, and have six legs and antennae. Males of the species possess short wings, while females have no wings.

Why Are Oriental Cockroaches Dangerous?

Oriental cockroaches can be very dangerous when they have invaded your business. Although these pests can bite, they are generally not aggressive. The main threat from Oriental cockroaches comes from the spread of bacteria and disease. Oriental cockroaches tend to live in some of the most unhygienic places imaginable, which is a significant factor in why they carry so much bacteria. They prefer cool, damp, dark areas such as sewers, unfinished basements, and bathrooms. Another reason these cockroaches are such vectors of disease is the variety of filth they consume. Oriental cockroaches are omnivores and will eat just about anything they can find. In addition to regular types of food like fruit and starch, these insects feed on some of the dirtiest and most bacteria-ridden food sources possible; everything from dead animal flesh to the rotting garbage in dumpsters and trash bins.

Some of the diseases that Oriental cockroaches spread include:

  • Dysentery
  • Salmonellosis
  • Cholera
  • Typhoid Fever
  • Listeriosis

Because Oriental cockroaches can pose severe risks to the health of your employees and customers, it is crucial to take immediate action if you see these dangerous pests on your property. Feel free to reach out and consult with our team of expert cockroach and pest control technicians for the next steps and how to keep your business pest-free.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Oriental Roaches In Commercial Spaces?

Oriental cockroaches are attracted to commercial spaces like restaurants and grocery stores instead of homes and residential buildings. It’s because of the abundance of food sources commonly available in these types of facilities; sources include large trash areas and dumpsters, industrial kitchens and bathrooms, and food stores. These pests can be hard to eliminate, mainly due to their movement patterns and nesting behaviors. They will often travel underneath properties and through plumbing and pipes, making them hard to track and flush out. They tend to live and lay eggs inside cracks and crevices along the property, often staying out of sight.

The Secret To Effective Cockroach Control In Dallas

Routinely sanitizing your property and taking preventative measures against Oriental cockroaches and pests in general effectively reduce the chance that your Dallas business will become infested. Unfortunately, it is still possible for your property to experience a cockroach infestation despite your best efforts and will require professional service to eliminate them. Delta One Pest Management, a local Dallas pest control company, is here to help. We have been serving communities across Dallas and the Fort Worth area for over fifty years, helping keep businesses safe and clean by getting rid of cockroaches and other troublesome and dangerous pests. Contact us today; we guarantee a pest-free property and offer free inspections.

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