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The Trick To Effective Rodent Control For Dallas Businesses

If rodents are found invading your Dallas business, it can cause several major issues that seriously damage your success. The trick to effective rodent control is Dallas pest control and understanding the pests prone to invading your business.

The Rodents That Invade Dallas Businesses

There are several types of rodents that you may encounter around your Dallas business. These types of rodents are listed below; it is essential to understand what you are up against in terms of a potential pest invasion.

  • House Mice: Small, grey to brownish fur colors, broad feet, and large ears
  • Field Mice: Smaller and quicker than a house mouse, similar fur coloration
  • Norway Rats: Medium to large in size, have fur that ranges from brownish to grey-brown in color
  • Roof Rats: Generally black in color, smaller than Norway rats; expert climbers.

An infestation of these different rodents can bring serious issues and many problems for the operations of your business. We recommend proactively investing in Dallas pest control to prevent a full-blown infestation of rodents.

The Extent Of Damage Rodents Can Create For Your Dallas Business

As any of these different rodents infiltrate your business, they can create serious issues; all rodents feel the need to chew and gnaw constantly. When they invade the walls and internal structures of your business, they can leave behind severe damage in terms of gnaw marks and destroyed materials. Rodents can chew through virtually anything, including wood, plastic, brick, cinder block, and electrical wiring.

Additionally, all rodents have the potential of soiling your business thanks to the droppings they leave behind. And not only can their urine and feces ruin your business and smell unpleasant, but it also carries a significant risk of disease if any employee or customer encounters it. Mouse droppings can dry up and become airborne, causing an even larger problem.

Another major issue is the damage that all rodents can cause to your business’s reputation. If a customer or employee sees different rodents running around the place, you are sure to lose employee satisfaction and scare away customers. A reputation can be hard to rebuild, so proactive Dallas pest control is essential.

All The Ways Rodents Can Get Into Your Dallas Business

Rodents are incredibly skilled at infiltrating any business due to their small size and ability to fit through even the tiniest of holes in a building. To keep this pest out, it is essential to seal up potential rodent entry points around your business, such as cracks in the windows, doors, and foundation.

Rodents may also easily enter your Dallas business through any exterior door or window left open frequently. Do your best to keep these exterior entrances closed when possible, especially if your business works in foodservice and there are dumpsters nearby the building. Rodents will be drawn inside your business thanks to the constant aroma of food and trash.

And, if you want to get rid of rodents for good, you should be contacting Delta One Pest Management. Our experts are highly trained in rodent removal and will ensure that your business maintains a completely pest-free state. This will protect your reputation, prevent damages, and ensure that your customers and employees are always happy.

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