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What Every Dallas Restaurant Owner Needs To Know About Rodent Control

Pest control isn’t just a matter of protecting your health and property, it’s also a matter of protecting your business. For restaurants, this reality couldn’t be starker, as improper pest prevention can lead to loss of revenue and full-on closure. Learn why professional resources are best for making sure that never happens. 

Restaurants Are Attractive To Rodents

Some of the most common pests for restaurants to contend with are rodents — mice and rats. These small mammals can squeeze through tight spaces to gain access to a property, searching for food and shelter that they might not be able to find outdoors. As the weather cools, rodents are even more driven to invade homes and businesses, since these structures provide everything they need to survive the winter. As a business where food is stored, prepared, and disposed of, restaurants act as even more attractive targets for a rodent looking for a place to hunker down and wait out the chill. Learning how you can prevent an infestation from forming in the first place can save you from having to deal with the far worse ramifications of a rodent problem.

The Problems Of An Infestation

Rodents aren’t just nuisances that can steal food and make messes, they are directly harmful to your health, property, and bottom line. Here are just some of the issues mice and rats can cause in your restaurant:

  • Damage: Rodents have front teeth that never stop growing, so they file them down by biting on hard surfaces. This includes wooden building materials, plastic containers, and even electrical wiring.
  • Disease: Mice and rats are known all over the world as contributors to the spread of diseases and parasites. Even if a rodent isn’t infected itself, it might carry fleas and ticks that also pose health risks.
  • Profit loss: It doesn’t take long for their foraging to start to eat into your food budget, having to constantly replace contaminated ingredients. Once customers catch wind of a health hazard, the presence of rodents can lead to a damaged reputation and loss of business.

Prevention Tips For Your Restaurant

Rather than deal with a rodent problem once one crops up, a responsible restaurateur knows that early rodent prevention measures can reduce your risk of an infestation. While only professional solutions provide guarantees of safety, there are some things you can do around your property to prevent rodents:

  • Food storage: Rodents can chew through weak plastic or cardboard packaging, so secure food storage is a must. They can also survive on crumbs and scraps, though, so you should deep clean regularly in hard-to-reach areas where morsels might build up.
  • Trash storage: The same is true of your garbage, which rodents have no problems digging through in search of food. Maintain secure and well-lidded bins both inside and outside your business.
  • Inspections: Only catching a population early can prevent you from having a worse problem result from rodents on your property. Since these pests are good at hiding, routine inspections by professionals can help you rest assured that nothing’s brewing.

How To Protect Your Business

It should be clear by now why it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to preventing rodents on your property. Not only can these pests cause damage and harm, but they can also ruin your prospects of running a successful business. Rather than waste time and money on ineffective solutions or prevention measures, turn right away to local experts who can make sure your business is protected. At Delta One Pest Control, we’ve got lots of commercial pest control experience preventing pests in restaurants and other commercial businesses, and we can get rid of an existing problem before it ends up costing you income.

Don’t wait to protect your restaurant from rodents, call Delta One Pest Control today.

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