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What Fort Worth Business Owners Need To Know About Cockroach Control

As Fort Worth business owners, we know the value of hard work. We don’t take shortcuts, we don’t mislead our customers, and we don’t give up. That’s just the way we were taught, and that’s how we survive. But word around here spreads pretty fast, so bad reviews are hard to get out in front of. And you know what gets the worst reviews in most industries around here? Any business that doesn’t make pest control a priority.

Fort Worth Roach Problems

Since everyone wants to say everything’s bigger in Texas, that must include the roach problems also. Maybe that’s why we have four types of roaches that will cause issues in our homes and properties. To understand the risks facing your Fort Worth business, let’s get to know the roaches of the area.

We’ll start with the two smallest. The German cockroach is only four to seven millimeters long at the most. Tan in color, these pests are incredibly difficult to keep out since they are small enough to squeeze through tiny cracks and openings. The Brown-banded cockroach is only about ½” long, so they’re not much bigger. These brown roaches, on the other hand, would rather fly around the bedrooms of houses rather than hang out in the kitchen, like the German cockroaches do.

Now onto the two big guys. The American cockroach is the largest species of roach in America, measuring in at an inch and a half long. These dark brown pests will hide out in the kitchen as well, searching for loose crumbs and leftover food. The Oriental cockroach is dark brown as well, and just ½” shorter in average length. The best way to tell the difference between the American cockroach and the Oriental cockroach is the shiny outer coating of the Oriental species.

While getting to know your enemy is important, understanding the damage they can do to your business is even more important. Before they enter your business, they’re probably spending time in places like garbage cans, sewers, and landfills. This makes them carriers of all sorts of bacteria…bacteria that can spread disease all over your business. A roach infestation in your business is very dangerous to your employees and your customers. It’s also incredibly dangerous to your reputation as a business. One roach spotting will make it all the way around the Internet before you’ve even heard about it yourself.

Furthermore, roaches can contaminate any furniture or food preparation surfaces, as well as whatever actual products you may have lying around. The bottom line is: whatever kind of business you’re in, roaches are bad for it.

Commercial Prevention

So, how can you keep them out of your business and away from your wallet? First of all, you need to keep an eye out to spot roaches before your customers do. Signs of an infestation could be:

  1. Eggs, which look like black pepper along the ground
  2. Seeing live roaches (typically under the kitchen appliances)
  3. Musty odors

If you notice these, it’s probably too late for home remedies. You better call the professionals before a customer sees a live roach and posts it on Yelp.

Roach prevention, on the other hand, is all about two major activities: cleanliness and moisture control.

  • Make sure to clean and vacuum regularly
  • Put away any food that’s left out, including dirty dishes
  • Store food properlyCheck for leaking pipes in the building, especially under sinks and behind appliances.
  • Regulate the humidity of the kitchen

If you can do these things, you may have a chance of staving off an infestation, but there are no guarantees. The best form of commercial pest control comes with help from the professionals – Delta One Pest Management.

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